Employee Profile

There will be many flexible options for employees, including electronic shift notifications and direct 24/7 access to information concerning jobs, career and personal information.

Employees will have a profile within the new system for all their important information. Centralizing this information in one system rather than many makes it easy for employees to update their information and management to be able to review skills and education, qualifications, licensing and talent profiles. Profiles will contain:

  • Current contact information
  • Current job and compensation
  • Licenses, skills and education
  • Talent profile
  • Work history
Employee Profile

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I access my employee profile?
A: Employees will have an account established for them and will be provided information on how to access and update their information once the system is launched.
Q: Who will be able to view my information in the new system?
A: Employees will be able view their own profile. Management also has access to employee profiles according to their areas of responsibility.
Q: Will my information be secure?
A: Yes. The new platform technology meets industry security standards. Employees are also responsible for maintaining information security, by keeping their password private and secure.

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