Human Resources

There will be many benefits and flexible options to the new system, including electronic shift notifications, direct access to 24/7 information for employee benefits and the introduction of electronic time cards.

MyConnection is your staff services inquiry centre, and a central source of information on a wide range of Human Resource (HR) topics for both employees and managers. It also provides a destination for HR-related inquiries.

MyConnection will replace Gateway Online for the province.

  • You can access MyConnection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to search articles in the MyKnowledge library.
  • Submit an online inquiry to a MyConnection team member, should you require assistance with a question.
  • Once AIMS has been implemented, you will be able to access functions such as:
    • Check your pay statements, T4s or benefits status
    • Update personal information
    • File and track an expense claim
    • Take your online training
    • Search and apply for jobs
    • Set shift notification preferences including email, text and/or automated phone message

Log in to MyConnection to take a virtual tour of the services being offered.

Need some time off?

Employees will be able to submit requests online for different types of leave including:

  • Vacation / Long-term leave
  • Unplanned compassionate care leave
  • Maternity / paternity leave
  • Illness
  • Other various leaves

The leave request process includes the following features:

  • Approved requests will automatically update the employee’s accrual balance.
  • Employees will have full access to their historical information to review time-off requests.
  • If a request is denied, an explanation will be provided.
  • Employees will also be able to request time off using a toll-free number
  • Employees will have access to view all entitlement banks (i.e. Vacation, Sick Leave, Medical leave, etc.)

Need to update your information?

Employees will have a profile within the new system for all your important information. Centralizing this information in one system rather than many, makes it easy for employees to update their information and management to be able to review skills and education, qualifications, licensing and talent profiles.

Profiles will contain:

  • Contact information
  • Job and compensation information
  • Licenses, skills and education
  • Talent profile
  • Work history

Information from Gateway Online will be imported into the new system except for documentation on PDFs. However, employees are required to verify that all information transferred correctly.

Looking for pay, banking or tax information?

Employees will be able to view all pay-related information, such as:

  • Rate of compensation
  • Tax receipts
  • Banking information
  • Tax status

Looking for a job?

Employees will be able to view and submit online applications for open positions for various health care organizations such as the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, 3sHealth, SAHO and affiliate employers through the new system:

  • After logging in to MyConnection, you will navigate to the MyServices page, then select the Education/Career category
  • Click on the Job Postings tile, which will take you to the current list of all available positions
  • You will be able to apply filters to sort through the available positions
  • Select a position and then complete the online application for the position of your choice, including uploading the relevant documentation
  • If you have already completed your talent profile within AIMS, any documents that you have uploaded to your profile will be linked to your application

Need to record your time worked?

Electronic time entry provides a fast and easy way for employees to document their time:

  • Easy tap-in, tap-out process or access through a work station, mobile device, toll-free number or facility kiosk
  • Eliminates the need for the employee to manually document time
  • Compares schedules to time worked to accurately calculate pay
  • Employees and Managers are able to address exceptions when time logged is different from the schedule to ensure that there are no pay inaccuracies
  • Tap-in, tap-out is applicable for all those working under a collective bargaining agreement or non-unionized employers who already have a tap-in, tap-out process in place

Want to trade or request a shift?

Employees will be able to initiate:

  • Shift requests
  • Shift trades
  • Availability for shifts for Saskatchewan Health Authority employees

Shift notification preferences can be set to email, text, automated phone message or a combination.

  • Employees are also able to call a toll-free number 24/7 to hear and apply for available shifts.

Auto-Submit Option:

Employees who are scheduled through HR Staff Scheduling will be able to request that the system automatically apply for shifts on their behalf.

  • When shifts become available and the employees are eligible, the system will submit a request on their behalf.
  • Employees will be notified if they are granted or denied a shift.
  • By selecting the auto-submit option, employees are responsible for working shifts they have been awarded or requesting a leave for that shift.
  • If denied the shift, an explanation will be provided to the employee.

Need to know when you work?

Electronic scheduling provides employees with flexible options.

  • Employees can go online to view both their personal as well as the unit schedule.
  • Employees are notified electronically as to whether there are assigned shifts, their schedule has been changed, they have been awarded or denied a shift, according to their preference as to how they wish to be notified including email, text, an automated phone message or a combination.
  • If an employee is denied a shift, an explanation will be provided.

Training Information

AIMS Learning - All Employees

File Type: pdf | Added: 10-Nov-2021

AIMS Learning - All Managers

File Type: pdf | Added: 10-Nov-2021

AIMS Learning - Human Resources Employees

File Type: pdf | Added: 10-Nov-2021

AIMS Learning - Human Resources Managers

File Type: pdf | Added: 10-Nov-2021

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