Supply Chain Management

There are numerous benefits associated with supply chain management.

Standardization and consistency

  • Standard SKU codes and product descriptions for all inventory
  • Standard process for product substitutions

Real-time reporting and dashboards

  • Generate real-time inventory reports
  • View provincial inventory reports

Electronic requisition and tracking

  • Manage inventory movement and transfers across the province
  • Create requisitions online
  • Process requests to move stock either within a facility or to another location
  • Remove obsolete inventory
  • Remove discontinued or recalled products from the inventory options

Integrated systems

  • Accurate information on inventory simplifies the replenishment of products by anticipating need
  • Purchase orders can be automatically generated for pre-determined volumes of stocka
Supply Chain Management

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Questions and Answers

Q: What is a SKU code?
A: A SKU (stock keeping unit) code is the number assigned to a product, which is the unique identifier that separates a single product from all other products.
Q: How will standardizing SKUs and product descriptions help when ordering products?
A: Standardized SKUs and product descriptions ensure that the right products are ordered, and that inventory is trackable. It also makes a provincial reporting of supplies and purchasing patterns possible.
Q: How will an integrated system ensure that products are available when needed?
A: An integrated system can provide a provincial view of both available supplies, as well as outstanding orders. Based on this knowledge, products can be moved from another location or advance ordered before inventory is too low.
Q: How will an electronic process simplify the purchasing of products?
A: An online process provides a central source of information as to the status of an order at any time during the purchasing process. Historical information on patterns of purchasing can anticipate needs, while information on current inventory levels and the ability to access the status of orders will contribute to having the right products at the right time.

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