Accounts Payable

An integrated system offers convenience and reliability.

  • Invoices are processed and managed in a single system¬†
  • A paperless system includes the ability to directly:¬†
    • Import emailed invoices into the system
    • Approve invoices electronically¬†
    • Provide a reliable method to track payment status
Accounts Payable

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Questions and Answers

Q: How will an integrated system make payment more reliable?
A: Having all information in one system makes it possible to access the status of the document at any point in time.
Q: How will eliminating paper improve the payment process?
A: Physically moving paper through the process creates a risk of having the paper misdirected, payment delays and it is not effective for tracking payment.
Q: What other advantages are there to eliminating paper?
A: In addition to being eco-friendly, there is significant cost to retaining a paper process, both from the paper to the storage of paper files.

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