When a Patient Advisor Speaks, AIMS Listens

What do you get when you combine a computer programmer with a quality improvement leader and former health board member? You have Colleen Bryant, patient advisor for the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Ensuring products are available where and when they are needed |

Ensuring products are available where and when they are needed

“I’ve retired three times from various professional pursuits and voluntary roles,” Colleen laughed. “But, I keep coming back.”

Colleen attended a recent Supply Chain design workshop and was enthusiastic about the proposed changes, which will see more efficient inventory tracking, projections of need based on historical analysis and the ability to ensure that products are available where they are needed, when they are needed. “This is an opportunity to be truly provincial in scope, with the ability to ensure that products are available as required, which will serve to enhance patient care.”

Colleen reflected on an improvement initiative she participated in, which tasked the team with overhauling a ward supply room. “The participating staff were excited to have the dedicated time to take on a much-needed review of what was in the supply room and how it could be organized to realize greater efficiency.”

It soon turned into a competition as to who would find the oldest or most unusual supply. "The winner found a 1947 wooden military supply box containing bandages. No doubt someone thought it should be kept it for its historical significance, but stashed on a shelf unseen in a supply room didn’t provide a lot of value.”

She compares her experience to the AIMS Supply Chain initiative. “You have the opportunity to start fresh. It’s like moving into a new house where you can organize everything so that everyone can easily access what they need.” In the case of the health system, it’s approximately 70,000 items that may be needed unexpectedly due to fluctuating demands or seasonal requirements. “With the new system, even smaller centres can benefit from being able to tap into larger resource centres simply by being able to see where they can draw supplies from if faced with an unanticipated demand.”

As a respected member of the health care team, Colleen’s insights as a patient advisor are greatly appreciated, and the AIMS team thanks you Colleen for being a part of the journey to improve administrative systems to the advantage of all patients.


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