AIMS Learning: What You Need To Know

Some of the most common questions we receive are about how staff will learn what they need to know about AIMS.

Ease of access to AIMS Learning |

Ease of access to AIMS Learning

As we near a late fall, early winter AIMS implementation, we remain aware of the demands COVID is placing on our health system. We continue to strive toward our goal of implementation, as we have also seen the value that AIMS has brought to the areas of Supply Chain and Scheduling during the COVID struggle.

Some of the most common questions we receive are about how staff will learn what they need to know about AIMS.


All Staff

For approximately 90 per cent of staff, there will be a limited number of tasks you will regularly perform in AIMS. Tasks previously performed in Gateway Online will now be in AIMS:

  • Logging in to MyConnection
  • Updating your personal contact information 
  • Accessing your pay statement and T4s (T4s available starting in 2022) 
  • Filing an online expense claim  
  • Finding and applying for a job, including updating your talent profile
  • Checking your work schedule, applying for leaves, trading shifts, managing electronic time entry exceptions

    All Managers

    Tasks regularly performed by all Managers will include:

    • Approving supply requisitions 
    • Coding invoices
    • Accessing and managing team information
    • Employee reports
    • Expense report approvals
    • Leave requests / schedule approvals
    • Managing staff electronic time entry exceptions

    There will be a 30 minute webinar for all staff and a 30 minute webinar for all Managers to demonstrate how to do these tasks. 


    Staff Working Daily in the System

    For the ten per cent of staff who work in the system on a daily basis due to their role in Finance, Supply Chain or Human Resources, there will be more extensive learning required.

    Staff will be instructed on where to find the learning resource materials applicable to their role, and will consume the material in modules with practice exercises that simulate a live experience.


    Managers of Staff Working Daily in the System

    Managers of staff who work in Finance, Supply Chain or Human Resources will attend online webinars to understand the­­­­ changes their staff will experience, learn about their work in the system and how to support staff throughout this process. They will also have specific self-directed online learning modules to complete. 

    Staff progress through the modules will be tracked so Managers can provide further support, as needed. 


    Learning Resources

    Learning resources will be posted online:

    • Webinars will be offered multiple times, recorded and posted online for repeated viewing 
    • Work standards and quick references guides will be available through the MyKnowledge library in MyConnection
    • Learning/instructional videos will be posted online 



    • Questions can be submitted through MyConnection
    • Ask an AIMS Change Network contact within your organization
    • Follow-up with your Manager
    • Drop-in webinars moderated by subject matter experts will be held for the all-manager webinars and for staff and managers working daily in the system

    Watch for future communications for information on the online learning program and available resources for all staff and all managers.

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