What’s Changing: Filing an Expense Claim

There are advantages to filing an expense claim online.

Filing expense claims will now be completed online. This eliminates paper and the potential for information to be misplaced, while providing a more streamlined approach to approvals and tracking payment progress online.   

Employees will log in to MyConnection to file an expense claim. There are two types of electronic expense claim forms. One will be for travel, meals and supplies, while the other will be for mileage and professional fees. Both claim forms will be available and clearly identified on MyConnection.

The primary difference for the employee is:

  • Travel, meals and supplies will be reimbursed through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly into the employee’s bank account on file.
  • Mileage allowance and professional fee reimbursements will be paid out on the employee’s bi-weekly pay.

When the staff member has completed the appropriate expense claim form, it is then electronically routed to their manager for approval.

The manager receives a notification that there is an expense claim requiring review. After the review is complete and the information has been verified as correct, the manager approves the claim and it will be processed.  

The online expense claim process increases efficiency and allows the employee to have visibility into the payment. 

More information will be provided on how to file an expense claim prior to the implementation of AIMS.

What’s Changing: Filing an Expense Claim

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