What's Changing: Applying for a Job

The convenience of applying for a job online.

Staff will now benefit from being able to apply online for internal job opportunities. AIMS offers an end-to-end process that is completely electronic, and consolidates the necessary information for follow-up with potential candidates.

Individuals browse job postings through AIMS and when it comes time to apply, their qualifications will be automatically populated from their talent profile. The talent profile in AIMS will replace the one now in Gateway Online, but is similar in that staff can update their education and skills to maintain a current record. The letter of offer and the staff member’s acceptance will also be internal to the system, creating an up-to-date searchable history.

Applicants who are external to the health system will also apply online. Once the application is received, the hiring process is again conducted internal to the new system.

Staff will still be able to seek the assistance of an HR representative should they have questions or require assistance to apply online.

Watch for more information coming on how to apply for a job.

What's Changing: Applying for a Job

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