Three Levels of AIMS Training

There are three levels of AIMS training to address a range of straightforward to complex tasks.

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AIMS Training

AIMS Training Scale

Training Levels Level of Complexity Training Methods
Level I Straightforward

Self-study videos

  • Online access provides the convenience of having the materials freely available when they are needed

Quick reference guides

  • For any employee who wants a brief step-by-step instruction sheet or guide in a familiar work standard format
Level II Moderately Complex

Computer-based training

  • Short quizzes and questions will be included to provide immediate feedback for employees to check their understanding of the topic
  • Some training modules will be pre-requisites to following modules to provide a logical flow of information
Level III Complex

Instructor-led training

  • Takes place in a small classroom setting (10 to 15 participants), ranging in length from 1 hour to full day(s) in length
  • Instructor-led training will take place five to six weeks prior to the implementation of the system
  • Only a small percentage of employees will participate in instructor-led training

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I know what level of training I will require?
A: Employees who work outside the areas of Finance, Human Resources or Supply Chain will have straightforward tasks that can be learned by referencing step-by-step instruction guides. Those working in one of the identified areas will have tasks that will be either moderately complex or complex, so instructor-led classroom learning is required in addition to quick learning guides and self-study videos.


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